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Company 5 Has a Busy Weekend

Story/Photos by Assistant Chief John Weaver

On Friday August 23 at 0050 hours a house fire was dispatched for the 900 block of Nova Avenue (Box 5-11). Chief 5a arrived on scene with level one operations with heavy fire to the rear of the house through the roof. The fire was knocked within 15 minutes The fire is still under investigation.

A building fire was dispatched for the 6200 block of Oxon Hill Road in Company 42’s first due on Saturday, August 24, at 1000 hours. Communications reported that the K-Mart was on fire. When units from Oxon Hill arrived they found the old Black Eye Pea Restaurant, which is now office space for the people running for public office, with fire on the roof. The fire was knocked down within 15 minutes. The possible cause of the blaze is thought to be the A/C unit.

Units from 5 participated in Hillside Day that same day, where community children could learn more about firefighters and what we do.

While participating in Hillside Day, the truck was told to return back to quarters for the ambulance and engine for an accident on Emmitt street and Capitol Heights Blvd. Chief 5a arrived on the scene to find a car that had hit a wall and flipped over.

Citizens pulled a man from the car and had him laying on the ground until EMS units arrived. There were reports that a child was in still in the car and Rescue Squad 8 lifted the car to check. No more victims were found inside the vehicle.

On Sunday, August 25, at 0200 hours a house fire was dispatched for the 900 block Nova Avenue with reports of people possibility inside. When we arrived on the scene we found that this was the same house from Friday morning. This time, the bulk of the fire was to the front of the house. Units were on the scene until 0330 hours. Both fires are still under investigation.