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Truck 5 responds to 3-alarm apartment fire

Story by Chief James McClelland, Sr.
Photos by Jenni McClelland

On Sunday, April 18, 2004 at approximately 0600 hours units were dispatched for a reported apartment fire at 4432 68th Place, in Station 30’s first due. Units arrived on the scene to find heavy fire conditions in this four story garden apartment. Multiple apartments were fully involved.

Deputy Chief Larkin (Chief 28A) was the first command officer to arrive and establish command.

As the incident escalated, command was transferred to Division Chief 1 (Dickerson) and later to the Emergency Operations Chief (McGown).

The three plus alarm fire resulted in extensive damage.

Eight firefighters were injured and transported to various hospitals where they were treated and released.

There were no civilian injuries.

First Alarm: Engines from 30,28, 13, 7,4,3; Tower 33, Truck 9, Squad 22, and Battalion Chief 1; Engine 331 and Telesquirt 9 (Running Extra)

Working Fire Dispatch: Ambulance 17 and Medic 30

Second Alarm: Engines from 8,2,48,35; Trucks 1, 12, 14, Squad 18, Water Supply Unit 25, ECU 47, Breathing Air 45, and Battalion Chief 2

Third Alarm: Engines 20, 4, 38, 7; Truck 5 ,Truck 17, Squad 1; Engine 11 and Medic 3 were specialed

Command Officers: EOC, SOC, MSC, VOC, Bureau Chiefs 3,5,9; Division Chiefs 1, 2, 8; Safety 2, Chiefs 28A, 48A, 48B, 2, 2A, 35, 12, 12B, 9, 14B, 8, 18, 18A, 1, 1B, 25A