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Engine 52 Back in Quarters

Emergency Vehicle Specialists (EVS) delivered the rehabilitated Engine 52 to the station on October 29, 2005. The engine had been at Emergency Vehicle Specialists (EVS) in Hagerstown, Maryland since June 16, 2005. The rehabilitation included a new paint scheme (white over red) with all new lettering. Lettering will include a traditional maltese cross rather than the current company seal. The website address and a fire prevention message will also be part of the lettering scheme.

Other scope items include:

  • Repairs and upgrades to the cab interior.
  • New Sigtronics headsets / intercom system to improve firefighter health and safety.
  • All new LED warning lights to improve visibility.
  • Improved scene lighting making for a better night time work environment.
  • Installation of a Drive Cam.

Engine 52 is a 1989 FMC 1500 gpm pumper that replaced Engine 53, the 1968 Ward LaFrance. At the department’s 75th anniversary celebration in 1989, Engine 52 was dedicated to Ernest E. Moreland, past President and Treasurer, for his outstanding and dedicated service to the department.

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