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Thanksgiving Season Provides Volunteer Opportunity For Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department

Story and Photos by Lt. Sam Minor

Members of the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department pitched in to help SHARE Food, a local non-profit, throughout the month of November. This was particularly important because SHARE was in desperate need of volunteer help distributing food, during this Thanksgiving season of giving.

SHARE Food Network distributes high quality, affordable and nutritious food to build community and strengthen families. This is achieved through a network of sponsoring organizations and volunteerism.

In early November, Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department members helped assemble close to 3,000 boxes so that they could be packed with frozen foods. This frozen food package complimented turkeys that were distributed by SHARE to participants for the Thanksgiving Holiday. This was a great head start, as SHARE was going to be distributing close to 20,000 food packages later in the month.

The volunteers from station 5 also helped out on distribution day. One member brought his “pee wee” basketball team and 5 adults to help with a variety of tasks including loading cars, pulling food orders, and cleaning up.

Throughout this busy process, the spirit of the season was apparent. Everyone was willing to do anything needed to get the food out to the community and to people that needed it the most. In the end, the hard work of the members and countless other volunteers helped to make SHARE’s Thanksgiving Food distribution a success.