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Company 5 Takes Part in Their 19th Annual Christmas in April Project

The members and staff of Company 5 participated in the annual Christmas in April project on April 28, 2007. The department has been participating in the event since its inception in 1989.

This year’s project had 25 fire department participants; 20 of those workers were from Station 5. Company 8 (B-Shift) was also represented. Battalion Chief 1 was also on hand at the day’s event.

Duties included exterior painting, fixing the basement steps, installing light fixtures, yardwork and cleaning.

Our host was thankful for our hard work and we hope she enjoys her revamped home and yard.

After the project was completed, members and our host posed for a group photo.

Company 5 again had another successful year with the Christmas in April project. Thanks to our House Captain John Weaver for organizing this year’s project. We’re proud of all members and personnel who came out to participate.