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Fire Safety House 5 Makes Its Debut at Capitol Heights Day

On Saturday, June 9, 2007, the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department Fire Safety House 5 made its debut at the annual Capitol Heights Day celebration.

The trailer, purchased with funds from the Assistance to Firefighters Prevention and Safety Grant program, is designed to enhance our aggressive fire prevention and life safety program. In addition to our development of the first proactive door-to-door life safety campaign, we will use the new Fire Safety House 5 to bring our safety messages to citizens before a tragedy occurs.

This valuable teaching tool will allow us demonstrate a variety of safety messages and provide our neighbors with an interactive approach to life safety learning. Most of techniques are taught in the abstract, but allowing our citizens to practice these skills as they would if it were is a real emergency will drive our message home and save lives. The features of the trailer were designed to allow us to reach all citizens with our message of safety; Fire Safety House 5 is the first handicapped accessible teaching unit in Prince George’s County. It also includes a fire alarm pull station for conducting apartment resident and workplace fire safety training.

On its debut at the Capitol Heights Day celebration, we estimate at least 200 people from the town and surrounding communities learned about fire and life safety in Fire Safety House 5. Personal tours were also given to County Executive Jack B. Johnson and Mayor Darrell A. Miller.

Fire Safety House 5 is available for community groups and other local departments by appointment on a first come first serve basis for your community event. We will do our best to accommodate as many requests as we can. Please contact Fire Marshal Jenni McClelland at [email protected].