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Company 5 Takes Part in Their 21st Christmas in April Project

Since its inception in 1989, both the career and volunteer members of Company 5 have taken a very active role in the Annual Christmas in April project.

This year’s house was located in Seat Pleasant (Company 8’s first due). The Christmas in April crew had 27 participants comprised of 20 CHVFD members, Company 5’s career crew (B-Shift), and Battalion Chief Strain. This year’s project was organized by John Weaver, who has served as House Captain for many years.

In addition to yardwork and a little tree trimming, the crews pointed up mortar joints and cracks, and rebuilt part of the fence.

We’re proud of all the Company 5 members and personnel who came out to participate. We had another successful year with the Christmas in April project and look forward to helping again next year.