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Work Initiation Conference Held for Station Renovation

On March 18, 2010, the Work Initiation Conference (WIC) was held at the station for our long awaited renovation project. Representatives from the County’s Central Services (Procurement), Facilities Operations & Maintenance (FOM), the PGFD, Chyke Maurice Associates (Architect), Paulco Engineering (Mechanical / Electrical Engineers), C&N Associates (Contractor) and Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department attended.

The purpose of the WIC is to formally kick off the project the layout or reiterate contractual requirements and to establish lines of communication between all parties. As a result of this meeting the County will issue a Pre-Notice to Proceed so that the contractor can begin pulling together his project submittals as required by the contract. A Pre-Notice to Proceed is being issued instead of a Notice to Proceed (NTP), because the contractor is still in the process of signing the contracts and submitting Performance & Payment Bonds for the project. That should be wrapped in the next few days and a NTP can be issued.

Some the first submittals to be received from the contractor include:

  • Name and qualifications of the Contractor’s Filed Superintendant.
  • Name and qualifications of the Contractor’s Safety Coordinator.
  • List of all sub-contractors.
  • List of materials and identification of any long lead items.
  • Schedule of values for all stages of work.
  • Detailed costs breakdown.
  • List of all project submittals and when they are required to be reviewed and approved.
  • Construction schedule. (the contractor must submit a Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule for the 90 days of construction. This identifies what critical items must be done in order for the next thing to happen. Withoin 30 days the contractor must submit a detailed schedule.


The County needs to confirm the length of the contract. There was some discussion about whether the contract calls for work to be completed within 6 or 8 months.

Progress meetings will be held with all parties each month until all work is complete.

This has been a long time in coming, but we are now proceeding!