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Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department Observes Veterans Day 2010

New Website Additions Honor CHVFD Veterans from the Spanish American War & World War I

People who are drawn to serve and protect others often choose the do so in many different ways. Some choose to serve in the military, protecting our freedom, while some may serve as volunteer firefighters or emergency medical technicians, saving lives and protecting property from the ravages of fire. The Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department pays tribute to those individuals that have served in the military and serving our community as a member of the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department.

In celebration of Veterans Day 2009, the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department launched a new Veterans’ page on our website to recognize and honor our military veterans. After researching this department’s long history of service, we were able to identify members that served in the military from the current War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan back to World War II.

However, that did not stop us from continuing our research in an effort to make sure that we included all of our military veterans. Given the fact that our department is nearly 100 years old, we knew there had to be additional veterans that served prior to World War II. Through aggressive research we have been able to identify additional members that were military veterans from the Spanish-American War, World War I and in the 1930’s prior to World War II. Additionally, our research has identified a few members not previously included. Current recruitment efforts have added a few more members with veteran status. After finding our Veterans’ page on our website, family members of deceased veteran members have also provided additional information about their service.

In preparation for Veterans Day 2010, we have updated the Veterans’ page to include these new additions, as well as, updated the stories of some of the members already on the page. We continue to do research on members both past and present who have served in the military.

Many of these members served during various wars and conflicts, while others served in times of peace. Regardless of when they served, the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department is proud of their service, not only to the United States of America, but our department, as well.

Five of these members are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. If you are ever at Arlington National Cemetery, please visit their gravesites and reflect upon their service and sacrifice.

To our veterans we say “Thank You.” However, a thank you hardly seems enough. We can never repay them for their service or the sacrifices they have made, especially those that made the ultimate sacrifice. What we can do, is never forget that service and their sacrifices, so that new members can see who paved the way for them.