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CHVFD Lifetime Member Preaches Wildfire Preparedness Out West

Jim Crawford

On Saturday, May 5, Jim Crawford, lifetime member of the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department (CHVFD), was preaching preparedness as residents of Gilpin County, Colorado prepare for wildfire season. So far this fire season there have been three (3) startups in Gilpin County. This year the snow pack is at 28% which is the lowest it has been since the drought of 2002. The potential for wildfires this season could be disastrous. Jim was one of two subject matter experts from the Timberline Fire Protection District to speak about wildfires at a community meeting. Other topics at the meeting included lessons learned from the “Fourmile Fire”, misconceptions about fire insurance, self-evacuation preparedness, the Gilpin County emergency notification system, and taking care of your animals during an evacuation, to name a few.

Jim Crawford splits his time between Capitol Heights and his home in Colorado. He is still very active with our department. Jim spends a couple of weeks every other month with us, responding to emergencies and maintaining his training. Jim joined the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department in 1983 and has held various line officer positions including Deputy Chief. Next year, Jim will celebrate his 30th anniversary with the CHVFD. Jim moved his permanent residence to Colorado after he retired from the U.S. Department of the Interior a few years ago.

Once relocated, it did not take him long before he became involved in the local fire department and he joined the High Country Fire Department. In August 2008, the High Country Fire Department and the Colorado Sierra Fire Department merged to create the Timberline Fire Protection District. The Timberline Fire Protection District operates seven (7) fire stations and covers 156 square miles in Gilpin, Boulder and Jefferson Counties. Jim currently serves as Vice President of their Board of Directors.


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