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Lieutenant Rob Fralin Receives William E. Brown – Rescue Squadsman of the Year Trophy

Rob Fralin - William E. Brown – Rescue Squadsman of the Year Trophy

During the Prince George’s County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association Annual Convention, on Thursday, September 20, 2012, Lieutenant Robert “Rob” Fralin was awarded the William E. Brown Rescue Squadsman of the Year Trophy for his actions on May 19, 2012. His son DJ proudly accepted the award on his behalf, while Rob was out of town working.

On Saturday, May 19, 2012 at approximately 2230 hours, Engine 847, Ambulance 821 and Medic 825 were dispatched for a man not breathing in a vehicle at East Swan Creek Road and Indian Head Highway.

Prior to the arrival of these fire department units, volunteer Firefighter/EMT Robert Fralin, who was off-duty and driving his truck for his regular employment, came upon the scene and stopped to offer assistance. He found a male patient approximately 65 years of age, not breathing and immediately started CPR.

Rob did not have a CPR shield with him to provide barrier protection from fluids while performing rescue breathing, so he improvised using a plastic bag from his truck. He continued CPR until the arrival of Engine 847.

Not wanting to delay transport, Firefighter Paramedic Captain Anthony McCormick, the officer from Engine 847), and Firefighter/EMT Fralin loaded the patient into the engine rather than wait for an ambulance to arrive. They transported the patient onboard the engine to the Fort Washington Hospital Center, while continuing CPR.

A Sheriff’s deputy remained on the scene securing Fralin’s truck until he returned.

From the time units were dispatched, including the time the patient arrived at the Fort Washington Hospital Center, only 10 minutes had elapsed. Firefighter/EMT Fralin’s initiation of roadside CPR and the quick decision to “load and go in the engine” by both Fralin and McCormick gave the patient the best possible chance for survival.

We are happy to report that the patient did in fact survive.

The officers and members of the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department are proud of Lieutenant Fralin and congratulate him on this well-deserved honor!