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George A. Adams Inducted into the Founders’ Circle

George A. Adams - Founders Circle

On September 27, 2014 George A. Adams was inducted into the Founders’ Circle at the Cranford-Graves Fire Service Building. Just weeks before, the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department lost member Richard Ager, George’s grandson, who was one of several Adam’s family members involved with the department. Members of the department stood in for Richard, and along with grandson Al Adams, we celebrated the accomplishments of our first leader.

It’s fitting that one hundred years after the incorporation of our department we recognize the efforts of our first captain, which would be the equivalent rank of a chief today. Our department was formally organized in January 1913 and later incorporated in August 1914. Prior to 1913, the Town of Capitol Heights was protected by a bucket brigade. Charter member George A. Adams was one of one of the driving forces in pushing the bucket brigade to become a more organized fire department.

Organizing, creating a constitution and by-laws and acquiring much needed equipment were difficult tasks in the early years. Under Captain Adam’s leadership those tasks were accomplished; his leadership helped guide our fledgling organization and laid a strong foundation for the department to build upon. The courage displayed by Captain Adams and other charter members, to better organize fire protection in Capitol Heights continues to inspire the members of our fire company today. We continue the tradition of working to better protect and serve the our community.

George’s name was inscribed on the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department stone along with Chief Frank Briguglio, Magdeline Schmidt, Oscar Poore, and Alice Long.