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Charles “Charlie” Baldi Inducted into PGVFRA Hall of Fame

The Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department is proud to announce that Charles “Charlie” Baldi has been inducted into the Prince George’s County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association’s Hall of Fame. On September 17, 2015, we accepted Charlie’s Hall of Fame certificate on his behalf and presented it to him at a later date.

Charlie joined the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department in 1969. During his tenure in the department he has held various line officer positions including Assistant Chief. In his role as Assistant Chief, he was responsible for training, where he helped new recruits get off to a good start. To this day training remains a passion for Charles and he continues to assist with training new recruits and new drivers. His enthusiasm, knowledge and patience make him an ideal instructor and role model for new members.

He is also a great ambassador for our community fire prevention efforts. Charles enjoys talking to our neighbors about how they can stay safe. During our recent door-to-door smoke alarm campaign and in our Fire Safety House 5 presentations his passion for teaching has helped drive home our safety messages in the community.

Recently, Charles has taken on fund raising as one of his main duties. He chairs our Ways & Means – Fund Drive Committee. He is constantly looking for new ways to generate funds for the department. Charles served on the department’s 100th Anniversary Steering Committee.

Congratulations Charlie on a well deserved honor!