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Tractorcade & Presidents Day Weekend Blizzard

Farmers protesting agricultural policies descended on Washington, DC. The protest was organized by the American Agricultural Movement and become known a “Tractorcade.” Thousands of farmers traveled to Washington, DC from all over the country in their tractors and camped out on the National Mall for several days. They quickly changed from agitators to heroes when two (2) feet of snow fell on the Washington metropolitan area. The farmers used their tractors to get nurses and doctors to and from hospitals and helped plow streets or tow vehicles that were stuck and blocking the streets. One farmer from the Midwest brought his tractor to Capitol Heights and responded with us to make sure we could get around. There was a slight learning curve for the farmers, when the Company was dispatched to house fire in Palmer Park, Robert McClelland, Jr. told the farmer “let’s go, this is us,” the farmer just jumped on the back step of Engine 53 with his jean jacket and cowboy hat. When Engine 53 arrived on the scene, they were surprised to find a snow covered farmer on the back step. We appreciated the farmer’s assistance. He preferred staying at the firehouse instead of being camped out on the National Mall.