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Inauguration Day 2013

CHVFD Provides Support at 57th Presidential Inauguration

Ambulance 805 provides support during the 57th Presidential Inauguration. The ambulance stood by along the parade route on Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC while President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden were sworn in. After the Inauguration Day parade passed their location they were moved to a fire station in the District of Columbia to handle high call volume due to the number of visitors in town. The crew was William Lehew, Jr., Brian Graham and Kevin Kramer.

CHVFD Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

One hundred (100) years ago today, five (5) members of the department signed a Certificate of Incorporation, certifying under and by virtue of the general laws of the State of Maryland the formation of a Corporation named “The Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 of Capitol Heights, Maryland.”

PGVFRA Hall of Fame from Company 5

The Prince George’s County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association (PGCVFRA) will kick off their annual convention with opening ceremonies and the first meeting. During the annual convention, individuals from member companies are inducted into the PGCVFRA Hall of Fame.

CHVFD Participates in its 25th Christmas in April

Career and volunteer personnel participated in the 25th annual Christmas-in-April project on Ventura Avenue. The project included installing a wheelchair lift for a disabled child. The project was featured in the Washington Post the next day.

Lt. Rob Fralin Gives Life-Saving CPR to Victim

Lt. Rob Fralin was returning home from work when he came upon a car that was stopped in the roadway. He found the driver in cardiac arrest and immediately initiated CPR using a plastic bag for barrier protection from body fluids. The patient was resuscitated and made a full recovery. Rob was later awarded the William E. Brown Rescue Squadsman of the Year Award.

CHVFD Lifetime Member William Hawkins Prevents Tragic Outcome to Roadway Emergency

While President Obama was scheduled to visit the campus of the Prince George’s County Community College, Lifetime Member William Hawkins, working as a Public safety Aide for the Prince George’s County Fire / EMS Department. Driving his department vehicle on Route 50, approaching the Capital Beltway, he noticed a pickup truck in front of him weaving wildly across lanes as they took the sky ramp over the beltway. Hawkins activated his emergency warning devices and maneuvered his vehicle to match that of the weaving truck to keep traffic back. The pair passed numerous police cars positioned on the side of the road and awaiting the presidential motorcade. The truck weaved across several lanes of traffic as they approached the main gate of Andrews Air Force Base. After forcing the pick up onto a curb at a turn lane, Hawkins quickly exited his vehicle and approached it on foot to disable the vehicle.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

After years of delays, the renovations to the current firehouse were completed. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held and the building was dedicated to Chief James McClelland, Sr. The renovations provided newly improved sleeping quarters for both male and female personnel, a new station alerting system, upgraded utilities and fire alarm / suppressions systems.

Crews Battle Wild Fires During Fire Storm 2011

Prince George’s County firefighters called for mutual throughout the State of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia to battle several large brush fires, fire in a large mulch pile and several structure fires. Several homes were lost from the brush fire. On this historical day, the department responded to over 800 calls for service. The crew from Engine 52 operated for hours in the Piscataway area of the county fighting a large brush fire. Prince George’s County Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor presented crews operating that day with a Unit Citation for their participation in this historical event, known as “Fire Storm 2011.” The specially designed Fire Storm 2011 Unit Citation ribbons were issued to Fire Chief James McClelland, Deputy Chief John Weaver, Firefighter Dwayne Frost, Jr., Firefighter Ross Spohn, Firefighter Rajah Rose, and Firefighter Tyrone Clary.

Crew Responds to 16 Incidents in 12 Hours

Heavy snow fell in the area causing power outages, fallen trees and other hazardous conditions. During a 12 hour period that evening, the engine responded to 16 back-to-back incidents, including a working house fire on Alton Street in Boulevard Heights, with people trapped inside. The crew consisting of Lieutenant Robert Fralin, Firefighter William Lehew, Jr., Firefighter Tyrone Clary, Firefighter Ross Spohn, Recruit James McKnight and Recruit Channel Parson returned to quarters at 7am the next morning, cold, wet and hungry.